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Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Improves the environment by reducing toxic pollution and waste, conserving resources and habitats, and minimizing global warming and ozone depletion
  • Increases health and well-being, particularly in populations most affected by product choice, such as schoolchildren, service staff, and the elderly

Nylac Carpet Cleaner

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No toxic chemical fumes
  • Harmless to people and pets
  • Odorless

Stain-X Cleaning Products

  • Stain-X® Pro Stain Remover contains no harsh chemicals like alcohols, bleaches or solvents.
  • Stain-X® Pro Stain Remover is odorless, contains no enzymes or anything that could harm fabrics.
  • No other product is as versitle and easy to use as Stain-X® Pro Stain Remover.
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